Pocket Doorbell Makes Ringing Friends a One Button Process

Pocket Doorbell Makes Ringing Friends a One Button Process

Gregory Han
Mar 9, 2012

Now this is an example why hardware is important, but the apps available are even more important when it comes to smartphone platforms. I'm utterly jealous of iPhone users right now after reading about what this .99 cent app offers and solves: a super simple way to tell your friends you've arrived at their place without searching for their name in your phone's address book. The app can pinpoint where you are and cross-reference it to the addresses on your phone. Press the doorbell graphic and it automatically dials or texts your friend!

As someone who lives in car-centric Los Angeles and occasionally plays chauffeur/designated driver for the evening, picking up friends would be that much easier using this app instead of the usual madcap double park and scroll-dial-as-fast-as-you-can sequence which happens while waiting outside my friends' apartments and homes. This seems also pretty useful when meeting up with friends in crowded public areas like the airport.

1. Anyone in your iPhone contacts who has an address listed will be automatically geocoded. They will appear on the doorbell nameplate when you are at their location. 2. When you visit a location for the first time, ring the doorbell to choose who you'd like to associate with that location. The person will be immediately called or texted. 3. From now on, any time you are at this person's location, their name will appear in the nameplate and ringing the doorbell will call or text them.

You can also open the list to remove any people-location associations.

Pocket Doorbell is available for iOS devices for $0.99 via the iTunes store.

Via swissmiss

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