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This $2 Summer Buy from Target Made My Whole Life Easier

published Aug 22, 2018
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Keeping your home organized on a budget is never easy. That’s why we have to stop and celebrate each and every inexpensive organizational find we discover as soon as we come across them. And believe it or not, we actually found a $2 buy at Target that can help your whole house run more smoothly.

Pool noodles, folks: pool noodles. Believe it or not, those cheap foam swim toys, like this $2 style at Target, you see floating around all summer are actually great for organizing and fixing all kinds of things around your house—it just takes a little imagination. Here are a few unexpected ways you can use them at home.

1. To Keep Your Shoes Looking New

Desperately seeking an affordable way to keep your boots in shape while crammed inside your tiny closet? Cut a pool noodle into custom-sized pieces (depending on the length and style of your shoes) and stick them inside your kicks to help them keep their shape for pennies.

2. As a Slamming Door Stop

Who knew all you needed to stop your door from slamming was a pool noodle? Simply slice the length of a pool noodle and slide it over the edge of your door for a DIY way to prevent loud noises at night.

3. As a Jewelry Organizer

Composed of soft, pierce-able foam—usually in a fun bright color—it’s no surprise that when thoughtfully displayed, pool noodles make stylish jewelry organizers. Cut a 6-8″ end off a pool noodle and string a ribbon through the center hole to hang. Fasten on everything from necklaces to earrings and keep your jewelry in check for cheap.

Still not sold on the idea of employing a swim toy in your home? Don’t forget that summer is coming to an end, and chances are that this super cheap seasonal buy will be on sale soon. Translation: You can streamline your apartment for less than a cup of coffee at the corner store—all you need is a pool noodle.