Poorly Lit Kitchens & Making Any Space Brighter

Poorly Lit Kitchens & Making Any Space Brighter

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 16, 2010

Although it might be easy to say, just add a pendant or two, different style of living spaces have a different set of problems. The poor lighting that plagues a loft space won't be the same as a space with all recessed can lighting. Check out our tips on making your space (no matter what it looks like) a little bit lighter and brighter.

When renting, don't forget that changing out an overhead lighting source isn't out of the question. It seems like something that is laborious if you aren't planning on staying, but it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your mood and attitude in a space. Lighting does magical things!

Here's a few tips to keep in mind when trying to figure out what lighting is best for your own space:

• Stuck With Recessed Cans? Can lighting isn't all bad, but rarely does it provide adequate light in our kitchen spaces. You can easily attach an adapter light which screws in where the bulb would and gives you the look of a pendant light. You can replace the entire fixture, but for those of us that rent, that's rarely on our to-do list!

• Have Super High Ceilings? Our last loft had 20' ceilings (and then some) and even though we had a great deal of lighting on the ceiling throughout the entire space, when it comes right down to it, the kitchen needs a little bit of extra oompf. Being able to chop an onion is one thing, but being able to do it without cutting your fingers is another. More industrial options are always available, but weOther kitchens might require something more industrial in nature, open loft spaces with high ceilings usually use a spot or track lighting to get the job done, but 9/10 no matter how much lighting you have you'll need some form of task lighting over your immediate work spaces. Oh, and when all else fails, paint everything white!

• Have A Ceiling Fan? Although ceiling fans are a necessity in many parts of the country, they don't always offer the best light. A simple change out can be switching the shades that cover the bulbs. Often times frosted of cloudy glass covers block more light than they release. Check your local hardware store or big box retailer for inexpensive options. You can also try adding one large shade to allow for maximum light in your workspace. Here's an example!

• Pendants Not Cutting It? If you like the pendant look but haven't had great results, try switching it out. Shades made from glass will always release more light in general, but ones with metallic or white on the inside of the shade are also known for their light bouncing properties. You can also make a nice cluster of several pendants at different height if there just physically needs to be more lighting in the area (as opposed to brighter).

• Do Your Counters Feel A Little Dark? By this point in time, none of us are strangers to under-cabinet lighting. As technology advances there's more and more options for making the space we do most of our kitchen work in, lighter, brighter and all around more enjoyable. There's also the option of utilizing small countertop lamps. We have one in our kitchen and we swear it just sets the mood for cooking. Here's a few great ideas on how to incorporate them.

Do you have a lighting style we didn't cover above? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Jesse's Tuned In Space)

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