Pop Quiz: Do You Know These Tricky Furniture Names?

Pop Quiz: Do You Know These Tricky Furniture Names?

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 9, 2015
(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

You've got your everyday dressers and desks down pat. Maybe you even know your way around a chaise or a murphy bed. But what about these tricky furniture names? Do you know what these terms mean? Test yourself!

1. Trundle Bed

A. A bed with slide-out storage panels beneath it.
B. A bed on casters that rolls under another.
C. A bed for children that adjusts in length to accommodate growth spurts.
D. A padded floor mat intended for mid-day, outdoor naps.

2. Chifforobe

A. A cabinet combining a chest with drawers and a bar for hanging.
B. An upholstered, circular stool mean for a dressing area.
C. A cabinet containing shallow shelving to stack shoes.
D. The frame on which one hangs a laundry basket.

3. Hutch

A. A portable step stool with two or more risers.
B. A storage cabinet specifically intended to store china and glassware.
C. A cabinet with mesh doors to protect cooling food.
D. A chest of drawers with shelving stacked above.

4. Tuffet

A. A low seat or stool
B. A lampshade with decorative embroidery or ruffles.
C. A round, padded floor cushion
D. A tall frame intended to hold a houseplant with long, draping branches.

5. Divan

A. A long, narrow stool indented to provide seating in an entryway.
B. A tiered cart on casters.
C. A low sofa without arms.
D. A folding room divider with cubbies to place ornamental objects.

6. Fauteuil

A. An ornamental cut-out above a door frame.
B. A chair with an open arm, exposed structure.
C. A writing desk with a hinged cover that closes.
D. A light fixture that attaches to the wall and holds a bulb with a single arm.

7. Davenport

A. A bedside table with three drawers
B. A sofa with three or more seat cushions.
C. A low, round table.
D. The name of a MidCentury sofa manufacturer.

8. Vitrine

A. A 17th century toilet.
B. A serving tray.
C. A glass display case.
D. A light switch with multiple settings.

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