A Tribute to the Factory: Andy Warhol in our House Tours

A Tribute to the Factory: Andy Warhol in our House Tours

Julia Brenner
Oct 30, 2013

After I heard of his death this past Sunday, Lou Reed has been on my mind. I'm not sure what I was looking for initially, but I started looking up house tours that feature works by Andy Warhol (Warhol was the Velvet Underground’s manager, and Lou Reed credited his career to him). What I came to find was that people are continually incorporating Warhol into their homes in creative ways, making work that is so well-known and mass produced feel fresh and interesting.

The way people showcase Warhol reminds me of a great rock n’ roll song: sure, everyone can access it, but it feels like you’re the first one in the world to discover it, like it belongs to you. So, in this albeit left-field way, celebrating the far-reaching influence of the Factory scene on our modern aesthetic is my way of celebrating that scene’s cantankerous troubadour, a man who lived his life in art, Lou Reed.

Top Row:

  1. Hallie's Whimsical Yet Sophisticated South Loop Loft. Hallie displays her bold "Jackie O" in a beautiful modern loft setting, which is so fittingly Factory.
  2. Scott's Silver Lake Bachelor Pad.
  3. Benjamin's DIY Pop Art. This is actually a Warhol-esque DIY that artist Benjamin Purvis created as a display in his kitchen.
  4. Daymon's Open Plan with an Open View. Daymon's a lucky guy, as this is an original poster from a Warhol-Basquiat show in the 1980s.
  5. Angie & Josh's Cat and Design Friendly Home. Their home features an incredibly cool skateboard deck created by Alien Workshop, a collaboration between Steve Berra and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Middle Row:

  1. Laurie's Thrifted Elegance. Laurie's Warhol piece is a photograph of the man himself, a gift to her from friend, photographer Mark Hanauer.
  2. Chris's 280-Square Foot Mini Modern
  3. The Craver Compound. I love how the Cravers accentuate the playful nature of Warhol's work by hanging it in their daughter's room.
  4. James and Mark's Haute Flea Market Style. Not only do James and Mark have a lot of Warhol on display, their space truly typifies the offbeat glam of the whole scene.
  5. Steve's Uptown Contemporary. Featured are autographs of Warhol and Lou Reed, but also featured in the tour are limited edition Campbell's Soup Cans Steve purchased at the Warhol Museum.

Bottom Row:

  1. Dina's Vibrant and Eclectic Home.
  2. Jen and Moi's Hilltop Hideaway. The contrast between Warhol's "Marilyn" and this "Swiss Family Robinson" (their term) setting is delightful.
  3. *Not a house tour but definitely worth checking out, as Fong crafted a whole Warhol-style kitchen makeover: Warhol Kitchen by Jonathan Fong.

PS - What's your favorite Lou Reed or Velvet Underground song?

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