Decorating with popsicles seems apropos in the heat of the summer. Etsy is full of mouthwatering inspiration for your homes, your parties or even for decorating yourself.

Top Row:
Popsicles Print by Mint Buttercup ($12)
Octopopsicle papercut by Alec Dempster ($300)
Melt Away Love Gallery Wrapped Canvas by A Very Story ($125)
Popsicle Pond Luster Print by Kristi McMurry ($8)
Popsicle Block Print by Mrs. Loaf ($14)

Bottom Row:
Ice lolly decal with custom name
by Happy Thought ($37)
Digital Clipart Summer Sweets by Goodness and Fun ($4)
Popsicle Card set by Winifred L Studios ($10)
24 Soapy Pop Pack by Soapy Love ($94.80)
Sterling Silver Popsicle Necklace by Love Erica ($28)