This $13 Kitchen Buy Helped Me Organize My Home in Minutes

published Sep 13, 2018
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Staying organized at home with a tight schedule—and budget—is never easy. That’s why it pays to search for simple, inexpensive ways to streamline your space in a pinch. And amazingly, we discovered a $13 buy that can help you organize and elevate your place in seconds.

Popsicle molds, people, popsicle molds. Turns out those cheap plastic sets you stick in your freezer to make popsicles, like this $13 version from Target, also have some serious home organizing potential. Don’t believe us? Here are a few unexpected ways you can use them around your house:

1. As a kitchen organizer: A deep kitchen drawer is no match for a well-placed popsicle mold. Stick a set or two inside your junk drawer to sort out small salt, pepper, sugar, and sauce packets. Or to keep batteries, rubber bands, and paperclips organized.

2. To tidy up your home workspace: Believe it or not, popsicle molds make great desk organizers—especially cute and colorful ones. Place one on top of your desk to store scissors, pens, and other office essentials. Or stick one in a filing cabinet or desk drawer to stash anything you want organized but not on display.

3. To streamline your bathroom sink: Searching for a cheap way to organize your bathroom sink counter? Popsicle molds can hold everything from makeup pencils to bobby pins, and are much less expensive than cosmetic organizers.

4. Make an indoor herb garden: Who knew popsicle molds could make such an awesome mini-planter? Forge your very own windowsill herb garden by planting your favorite seeds inside a popsicle mold—just remember to water regularly! (And maybe poke a hole at the bottom of the mold for drainage.)

Still not sold on the power of popsicle molds? Don’t forget that summer is officially over, and chances are that this already cheap seasonal buy will be discounted even more. So you can organize your junk drawer, desk, and herb garden, for, well, less than a pack of popsicles at the grocery store.