This Is the Most Popular Cocktail In Your State, According to Google

published May 19, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

What are you drinking in Arkansas? Who’s sipping what in South Dakota or Washington? We know that Americans are buying more alcohol than normal while they’re stuck at home — presumably at least in part because they can’t stop by the bar on their way home for a little happy hour — but what are people actually making with all that alcohol they’re buying? Google did some digging and just released their list of the drinks that people in each state uniquely searched for in the last three weeks — meaning that they search for that drink more than anywhere else in the U.S.

So, what kinds of things are people mixing for themselves? A lot of Old Fashioneds, mostly. Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington State all searched for the drink. It’s simplicity definitely helps in making it a good quarantine cocktail — you just need whiskey, sugar, and bitters.

Perhaps in the most obvious of choices, New York searched most for the Manhattan (another simple cocktail — which again needs just whiskey and bitters, this time with the addition of vermouth). But it was also the drink of choice for Illinois and New Jersey. Kamikazes (triple sec, vodka, and lime juice) were popular, too, topping the list with five states. And three states were craving Cosmos (the same as a Kamikazes, plus cranberry). Palomas (grapefruit juice and tequila) showed up all along the Mexico border — California, Arizona, Texas.

But forget simplicity: Alabama and Colorado need to know how to make Hurricanes, which requires multiple kinds of juice and rum, among other things (passion fruit!), Mississippi is searching for a Painkiller, and Montana for a Blue Hawaiian

The most interesting searches, though, are always the one-offs: Why does Minnesota love the Oliveto (triple sec, gin, simple syrup, and egg white) so much? Why is Arkansas the only place looking for frozen Daiquiris? We can guess Florida’s reasoning behind the Cuba Libre, but what about Indiana’s passion for the French 75? That seems like it should have been Louisiana, which instead (along with Tennessee and North Carolina) went with the Bushwacker. And is there a reason that only Ohio is searching for my own favorite cocktail, the Boulevardier?

Here’s the complete list.

  • Alabama: Hurricane
  • Alaska: Whiskey Sour
  • Arizona: Paloma
  • Arkansas: Frozen Daiquiri
  • California: Paloma
  • Colorado: Hurricane
  • Connecticut: Margarita
  • Delaware: Screwdriver
  • Washington, DC: Old Fashioned 
  • Florida: Cuba Libre
  • Georgia: Sazerac
  • Hawaii: Lemon Drop Martini
  • Idaho: Kamikaze
  • Illinois: Manhattan
  • Indiana: French 75
  • Iowa: Kamikaze
  • Kansas: Screwdriver
  • Kentucky: Lily
  • Louisiana: Bushwacker
  • Maine: Margarita
  • Maryland: Kamikaze
  • Massachusetts: Old Fashioned
  • Michigan: Cosmo
  • Minnesota: Oliveto 
  • Mississippi: Painkiller
  • Missouri: Gin and Tonic 
  • Montana: Blue Hawaiian 
  • Nebraska: Old Fashioned
  • Nevada: Grasshopper
  • New Hampshire: Old Fashioned
  • New Jersey: Manhattan
  • New Mexico: Old Fashioned
  • New York: Manhattan
  • North Carolina: Bushwacker
  • North Dakota: Kamikaze
  • Ohio: Boulevardier
  • Oklahoma: Black Russian
  • Oregon: Old Fashioned
  • Pennsylvania: Whiskey Sour 
  • Rhode Island: Cosmo 
  • South Carolina: Tequila Sunrise
  • South Dakota: Screwdriver
  • Tennessee: Buschwacker
  • Texas: Paloma
  • Utah: Cape Cod
  • Vermont: Cosmopolitan
  • Virginia: Old Fashioned
  • Washington: Old Fashioned
  • West Virginia: Kamikaze
  • Wisconsin: Grasshopper
  • Wyoming: White Russian

This article originally appeared on Kitchn. See it here: The Most Popular Cocktail Recipe in Every State Right Now, According to Google