Consult This Map of Popular Halloween Costumes By State As You Make Your Last-Minute Plans

published Oct 28, 2019
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If you haven’t picked a Halloween costume yet, there’s data that might help you avoid showing up to the party matching ten other people. AT&T has used Google Trends to put together a map of projected most popular Halloween costumes in each state.

“Americans are projected to spend more money than ever on Halloween this year—reaching 8.8 billion dollars,” writes Cara Fuller in the AT&T report. “That’s an average of $86.27 per person on a Halloween getup.” AT&T also found that 35% of people cite online searches as their top source of Halloween costume inspiration.

In order to make its picks, AT&T looked at Halloween costume trends from 2018, plus Google searches for Halloween costumes in 2019. 

The results include lots of superheroes, especially Black Panther, lots of Fortnite and general 1980s-inspired costumes (a combo making some of us feel pretty old), and lots of classic, generic costumes like witch, mouse, cheerleader, angel, and fairy.

Some line up neatly with their state’s reputation (mermaids in Hawaii, bears in Alaska, cheerleaders in the Deep South), while others don’t fit any stereotypes we’ve ever heard (fairies in Vermont, for example, and ninjas in Wisconsin).

These are just projections (among others, like this one done by Google itself), so it will be fun to see how true they turn out to be. Whether you use them to pick a unique costume or a popular one, be safe, have fun, and don’t forget a costume for your dog.