Popular House Plants from the 70's Are Making a Comeback

Popular House Plants from the 70's Are Making a Comeback

Erin Heath
Mar 28, 2011

Not only is fashion from the seventies popping up all over retail stores, but plants from this era are making a comeback, too! It's no surprise considering most of these plants are resilient and require little maintenance.

This example from Elle Decor shows off the power of a well placed big, beautiful plant in the right setting - read on for plenty of 70's style bold and hearty greenery suggestions:

• The fiddle leaf ficus and the philodendron offer larger leaves, love sunny spaces and are able dry out between waterings.

• The rubber plant, on the other hand, has bigger leaves but can adapt to low-light situations.

• For plants with a more blade-like leaf, try a snake plant or for a hanging style, look for a spider plant.

• The jade, part of the succulent family, requires little watering and has a nice sculptural feel. Spiders, jades, and pothos are all easy to propagate so you can divide and disperse your flora around your own home or as gifts for friends.

Image: Elle Decor

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