Portable Security: The Old School Wedge Alarm

Portable Security: The Old School Wedge Alarm

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 3, 2009

So maybe you're not a big fan of turning your home into a car alarm system, investing in a wireless solution that still requires you pay a monthly fee, or building a security camera disguised as a birdhouse. Perhaps it's time we bring it back to 1990, where Radioshack just started selling these little portable Wedge Alarm solutions that never truly caught on. However, now that we're all cutting costs and trying to consolidate our expenses, it might be time to take a closer look at these little guys...

Whether it's just an extra sense of security for your dorm room in college, hotel room while traveling, or simply a solution that doesn't rely on an external company charging you fees every month, there's probably a number of reasons why the Wedge Alarm effectively works as a temporary (or even permanent) solution compared to the traditional security system approach.

Powered by a 12 volt battery, the Wedge Alarm emits an extra-loud piercing 110dB alarm for 5 seconds whenever that unlucky someone decides to trip it. Using a hook-and-loop adhesive pad, the wedge is kept in place on a variety of surfaces from hard floors, carpets - where ever you decide best needs some extra protection. You could even place it on a window if you'd like, though we're sure some people might not find it aesthetically pleasing to have these little guys all over the house on every window (though that'll probably be the only way to do it if you're looking to keep it as a permanent solution).

The Wedge Alarm is sold by a variety of retailers and can be had from $4 to $16 (the higher end being the Wedge Alarm we mentioned above).

[via Dvice]

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