Positive Thinking: Try This When You Feel Down About Your Home

Positive Thinking: Try This When You Feel Down About Your Home

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 1, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Though things are coming along in my new apartment (I found a rad dining table last week!) it's all too easy for me to get down when I realize that I don't have a single rug yet, that I'll have beige walls for the foreseeable future (no painting allowed) and that I still haven't hung curtains in several of the rooms. To nip my negative home thinking (like wondering if I'll finish decorating before it's time to move again) in the bud, I've been using a positive thinking trick that applies to other areas of life, translating it for the home.

Try this: Next time you start getting down on yourself about something wrong in your home — how it's too small, or it's not decorated the way you'd like, or you've got a million unfinished DIY projects or it's never as clean as it could be, whatever — imagine it's not you saying these negative things. Imagine it's one of your friends talking about their home.

Think about what you'd say to a friend if they were pointing out negative things about their home. Would you be unkind to them, eager to heap even more things on the list of what's wrong with their house? Or would you try and redirect their attention to all the great things they've done for their home? Would you help them refocus on what they've accomplished, or would you start listing all the things they still haven't gotten around to doing?

Unless you're a huge meanie (but you're probably not), chances are you'd treat a friend expressing their frustrations about an unfinished home with kindness, so consider doing the same with yourself and your home. Next time something you don't love about your house makes you feel a bit blue, don't start going down the road of finding even more things to beat yourself or your home up about. Curb that negative thinking and talk to yourself the way you would a friend.

What are the tricks and tips you use when you want to turn your attitude about your home from negative to positive? Share in the comments below! You never know what simple idea — however small — might be just the thing someone needs to hear today.

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