Blogging Top Design: Episode 4

Blogging Top Design: Episode 4

Vanessa De Vargas
Feb 22, 2007

I didn't have a chance to blog about last weeks episode, so I will do a quick recap. Episode 3...well what can I say it was kind of a bummer. Here was a great challenge for the decorators to get out of the showroom and build a beach cabana. It seemed like a lot of the attention went into the construction of cabana but not into decorating the cabana itself. The accessories, colors and fabric choices were way off. When you think of cabanas or beach retreats don't you imagine soft calming blues and greens with some whites mixed in with some light beiges. Right?

In regards to Episode 4, I just don't know what to say...
Make a room for a student? Why? What dorm room or college student has a budget for some designer to come in and design a room. I am not sure who is coming up with these challenges but I really don't get it.

The designs were okay. And again I felt the judging was off...
I am not sure why Carisa won since her "client" said that she needed more storage and she was unhappy that there wasn't any in the room. Out of all the rooms I thought Matt did a great job and thought he would win with his Armaniesqe room. He did a really nice job and gave his client what he wanted, and you could tell his client really enjoyed the room.

I also wanted to hear more of the comments from the students. They only had 30 seconds of airtime to say what they thought of each of the rooms.

I really do hope these episodes become more exciting, as my friends 4 year old god daughter would say...B O R I N G!

What did you guys think? What are your thoughts of the show in general?

And don't forget AT-NY has their comments as well if you want to check out what they are blogging about on the East Coast.

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