How To Make Sprouts from Lentils

I’m doing my best to grow as much food as possible from my apartment, and sprouts are such an easy start! I usually have a jar of these growing, and add them to salads, or eat them on their own. You can sprout anything from beans to lentils to garbanzo beans. They generally take about 4-5 days to sprout fully.

What You Need

A jar
Cheese cloth


1. Gather about a handful of lentils. Sort out any seeds that are dead or broken.
2. Put lentils in a jar or container.
3. Fill the jar with water until it just covers the lentils.
4. Cover the jar with a breathable material. Cheese cloth works quite well. Keep the jar stored in a cupboard on the counter. No need to refrigerate.
5. After about a week, you will have sprouted lentils!
6. Give them a quick rinse and enjoy! I usually put some olive oil and vinegar. They make a great snack!

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(Images: Emily Smith)