Farm in a Box : Eco-Efficient Gardening

We learned from our friends at Home Grown Evolution that Home Depot will soon be carrying Farm in a Box from Earth Systems. Farm in the Box is a combined fish tank/planter box with recirculating water system that grows vegetables on top of the box along with fish underneath. Waste from the fish circulates into the planter which provides fertilizer for the plants as well as removing nitrogen and ammonia from the water. The smaller boxes are designed to fit on a balcony, while the larger boxes are suitable to raise edible fish.

We’ve never experimented with Aquapaonics before, but would definitely consider one of the smaller containers to raise vegetables. Have you ever tried Aquapaonics? Would you use Farm in a Box?

From the Earth Solutions website:
By integrating fish with vegetables, naturally balanced aquatic ecosystems are established making it unnecessary to add fertilizer, chemicals or remove nitrogen rich water.

As in nature, plants, fish and oxygen loving bacteria create a symbiotic relationship; Fish waste is converted by bacteria to a plant loving nutrient which helps maintain safe levels of ammonia without discarding waste and water.

Aqupaonics is an efficient, intensive gardening method with average of 3-6 fold greater yield per square foot. And even though water is everywhere in an aquaponic system, there is as much as 90% less water used than in-ground methods. Other advantages to aquaponics, is that it is fun, easy, most can be done anywhere, by anyone who shares a passion for locally grown food and herbs, without the challenges of in ground farming. Experiment with growing aquaponically raised fish and vegetables in your house on the patio in a greenhouse or community garden, and enjoy!”

1 San Antonio, $589
2 Little Tokyo, $249.50
3 Manhattan, $249.50
4 Phoenix, $2,499.00
5 Dallas, $899.50