Setting a Timer in the Bathroom

Setting a Timer in the Bathroom

Taryn Williford
Mar 18, 2010

Yeah, it sounds like a very Brady thing to do, but my boyfriend and I have found yet another use for our iPhones: We use the multiple alarm settings to keep tabs on our morning routine in our (small) shared bathroom. Do you ever time yourself in the bathroom?

With us both having to be up and out of the house for work at the same time each morning, our one small bathroom was starting to get a little cramped.

We'd take turns to be fair. But when one of us was running late—like if I had a broken high heel emergency or he took a bit too long with the dog outside—we'd go back to bickering over who had the most time in front of the mirror.

So we devised a plan to use our iPhones to set a timer in the morning. With a set alarm (and a blazing loud tone), there's no way to justify creeping over into the other's mirror time. I do my hair and makeup for 15 minutes while he gets dressed, and then we switch so he can work on his coif.

It's worked well for us so far! Do any of you readers use timers in the bathroom? Is it to keep track of your grooming routine? Or do you like to take make sure you're taking lean, mean, short and green morning showers? Let us know in the comments!

(image: Flickr user back_garage under license from Creative Commons.)

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