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We like checking things off lists . We’re list people, and that’s why it’s nice to have one solid list of safety requirements when you’re planning your nursery. We found just such a list on providing 12 rules that can help you safeguard your precious little one. There are the obvious rules we’ve probably all heard of, but we thought there were also some good pointers we might not have thought of.

1. Don’t use a quilt, pillows, plush toys, or soft bedding in the crib of a child under 12 months because of the risk of suffocation. Don’t hang a quilt on a wall over the crib because a baby can pull it down. The question of using crib bumpers is especially tricky: The Langoses put a set in Lily’s crib for comfort after she was almost a year old, but safety experts advise removing them before a baby starts to climb.

2. Keep small toys out of the crib and do not attach a pacifier or teether around your baby’s neck. When he can sit up, remove the mobile so he can’t pull it into the crib.

3. Avoid blinds with looped cords, which are a strangulation hazard. Look for newer styles that are cordless or have a single wand or tassels that can be secured by winding around a wall-mounted cleat. Make sure your windows have guards or stops to prevent them from opening more than a few inches. Never place your crib against a window.

4. Keep lamps and baby monitors out of your child’s reach. (She may be able to bite cords or wrap them around her neck.)

5. Use safety nightlights that prevent children from touching the bulb. Install the nightlight out of your child’s reach and at least three feet away from bedding and other flammable items.

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