Look! Using Trashcans For Entertaining

Look! Using Trashcans For Entertaining

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 1, 2008

So there are some things that might sound cliche coming from the Midwest. Like we all wear cowboy boots and ride horses. Or maybe it's that we all have pig tails and wear overalls. Well this post isn't going to deter any of those thoughts when you find out we think it's a fun idea to entertain guests with a trashcan lid. Click through the jump to see why we think so.

To start off, eating at a chain BBQ place in Kansas City is like eating at McDonalds in Paris. If you do partake in it, usually you don't go blabbing about it to everyone. The same holds true in Kansas City. There is far better BBQ to be had, but this happened to be close to the Christmas shopping that was being done and so dinner was had.

Our meal arrived to us on a metal trashcan lid that had been flipped up side down. Our first reaction was "At least they didn't bring it to us in a trough!" But after some consideration we figured even eating out of a trough could be made into something kitschy and cute in the right setting, so we continued on eating our ribs, thinking about how we could use this idea at our next gathering. After all, it is called entertaining right? Why not put some fun back into things.

The lid sat on a stand, although we think if the idea was translated at home, a rolled up towel would work just as well. The idea of being able to put out a larger quantity of food in a buffet type situation was growing on us. Sure it would be quaint at a football party (unless you live in Kansas City, and we currently aren't speaking about football.) or birthday party where hot wings could be served by the mound pound. But we also think it could be a cute idea for something as simple as a cookie bar at your next holiday party where comfort is key instead of fine dining. Throw down a nice piece of fabric, or even stick to butcher paper, the choice is yours! Now if you'll excuse us.... there might still be leftovers from this meal in the fridge...

Images From: Famous Daves Photos by Sarahrae, Trashcan via Home Depot and Chicken via beautifulkk.com

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