Roundup: Historic Bed & Breakfasts

It’s summer time and anyone who lives in a city knows these concrete jungles can get sweltering, and the in-town hotels are usually packed. One of the many, many amazing things about living in an historic city such as Philadelphia — there are numerous historic Bed & Breakfasts just a car ride away. I’ve compiled a roundup of 4 of the best B&B’s in the Philadelphia area…

When I stayed in a B&B I had a great time. It was a very intimate experience; and let’s face it, it is a home, not a 25 floor building. You certainly won’t get the anonymity of staying in a large hotel, and your room will be much larger! B&B’s are very romantic and hey- who doesn’t love a little toile?

1 The Inn at Bowman’s Hill – Located in New Hope, PA; it’s only about 50 minutes from Philadelphia. $285 to $565 per night.
2 Glasbern Country Inn – Located in Lehigh Valley; about 1 hour 25 minutes from Philadelphia. Country cabin style accommodations are certainly a contrast to city living. $180 to $485 per night.
3 Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast & Carriage House – Located in the Brandywine Valley; 40 minutes from Philadelphia. Historic rooms dating from 1865, or you can stay in the 2 bedroom, 1200sq. ft. English Country Carriage House. $160 to $550 per night.
4 Woolverton Inn – Located in Stockton, NJ; 1 hour from Philadelphia. I’m favoring the cozy Newell’s Library Room. $150 to $435 per night.