Apartment Inspiration from the Marmara Bodrum

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Designed by Christian Allart, the Marmara Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey blends a minimal color palette with warm materials. Natural wood, ceramic tile, ironwork, and white linen are interspersed through clean, simple rooms. Click below if you want to learn how to achieve a similar look at home…

Although the hotel’s architecture and views of the surrounding landscape are impossible to recreate, there are a few key elements to this style of decor that can translate into residential interiors:

  • Basic white linens and pillows in a high thread count look luxurious on a simple platform bed.
  • If you keep the color palette neutral, you can mix and match patterns fairly easily. For instance, we love the black and white upholstery in the first photo.
  • Mix basic textures as much as possible. These rooms blend metal, wood, ceramic, and linen.
  • Incorporate intricate detail in small doses: artwork, a tile border, or an elaborate light fixture, for example.
  • If you’re working with a rich tile or hardwood floor, consider going without a rug to highlight the surface.
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