Post Your Baby: Jamie Pup's Custom Shelving

Post Your Baby: Jamie Pup's Custom Shelving

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 15, 2005

Not one to leave something hanging, we just received a boatload of pics from Jamie Pup, showcasing the work he did in his old apartment. It's pure shelter porn that only a die-hard could love (and we're glad to show it off). Thanks, Jamie Pup!

Dear AT,

I said in OPT6 that I would send in pics of in wall shelving that I did and also my bathroom. Here are the shelving pics.

#1 is a view of the hole that I cut between the studs and the pipes above and below in a 10'X9' room next to a bathroom and washer/dryer alcove. Hence the pipes and the ductwork for the dryer in that wall.

#2 shows the top of the hole revealing the drain pipe for the bathroom in the apt above, cabling for our bathroom and the duct for the w/d on the right

#3 shows the bottom of the hole revealing the pipes and release valves for the underfloor radiant heating (one of the two zones) plus the bracing stud for the access door for the vavles for the heating pipes

#4 shows the left of the hole revealing the pipes that prevented me from maing the hole even wider. In the end though the resultant width was better for esthetics than a wider opening.

#5 shows the right of the hole for another view of the dryer duct

#6 shows the results of the first step which was to fashion the shelve supports out of metal studs. Each shelf is made of one stud folded four times at V cuts and screwed into the existing metal studs while ensuring all four sides were level - easy to make, difficult to level all the way around so for another similar project I made shelves out of ply wood and inserted the whole shelving unit into the hole. Much easier to level in a separate structure outside of the hole first.

#7 is a close up of the shelves to show how each stud was bent into shape and screwed to the wall studs

#8 shows the completed drywall - at least 6 pieces for each shelf! Very time consuming to cut

#9 shows all the corner bead in place

#10 shows almost complete joint compound after taping all inside corner edges

#11 Is basically complete - final coat of paint is needed but this was the best picture I had to show the shadow effects

That's it for now.
If Ihave time I will start exporting my bathroom pics (before and after)

BTW, this was in a Tribeca loft that I owned and recently sold. Hopefully the new owner won't mind!

Best regards
Jamie Pup

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