How to Expand Your Workflow Onto Your Mobile Device

How to Expand Your Workflow Onto Your Mobile Device

Jason Rodway
Jul 18, 2012

We've shown ways to turn our phones into eye pleasing additions to your workspace before, but they can also work with your computer in partnership to enhance productivity. Remote mouse apps are a dime a dozen on any app store, but these 8 applications take desktop interactivity to the next level.


Left: myPhoneDesktop - Right: Scanner Pro

Do you have a blurb of text, link, or photo on your iOS device that you want on your computer? myPhoneDesktop makes magic happen as a go-between app that syncs harmoniously with any desktop computer (Mac, Windows or Linux). Transfer links, text or pictures between the two, and even type out lengthy SMS messages using your physical keyboard. $5

Scanner Pro
Despite the ideal of a paperless lifestyle, we sometimes find that we can't live without paper entirely. Scanner Pro transforms the task of scanning by using the iOS camera to create a high resolution image. With Dropbox, Google Docs and Evernote syncing capabilities, the transition from paper to Megabytes has never been smoother. $7


Left: AirDroid - Right: Remote Notifier

Want to send a text while you're working at your computer? How about grabbing pictures, or dropping a new album onto your Android handset while it's fresh in your mind? AirDroid lets you access and control every aspect of your phone from your desktop, as long as they are both on the same wifi network. Not only is it great for work, but it's an amazingly convenient app for managing your Android smartphone. Free

Remote Notifier
Does your phone buzz (disrupting a good work flow) only to let you know that someone liked a post on Facebook? Rather than lift your fingers off the keyboard, Remote Notifier connects to your desktop via Windows, Mac or Linux plug-in and creates on-screen alerts. An amazing time saver and great for keeping a perfect amount of distance from your phone. Free

Windows Phone 7

Left: ConnectMe - Right: Send to WP7

There are many remote desktop client apps across all smartphone platforms. ConnectMe breaks free from the mold with universal file sharing between your desktop computer and your phone. The desktop client portion of the app is reliable, with an accessible interface making one handed PC control more than possible. $6

Send to WP7
When there's information you want to pack on your phone, but you don't want to input each and every entry via touchscreen, Send to WP7 is the answer. Unlike ConnectMe, this app is a more lightweight offering that delivers an exchange of text from your desktop, which you can receive on your phone at your convenience. Very handy to have, especially when setting up a new Windows handset. Free

Cross Platform

Left: Dropbox - Right: 1Password

One of the main cloud based services that many apps rely on is Dropbox. Even standalone, it's an incredibly amiable device that's easy to use and blurs the line between desktop and mobile. For the unacquainted, Dropbox is a folder that exists online (like an e-mail account) but can be accessed via web browsers, computer or mobile applications. Saving pictures, music or documents into a Dropbox makes it accessible wherever internet access is available.
Free for iOS / Android / Windows Phone 7

There are many, many, many rules when it comes to passwords. 1Password makes it easy to slip into sites and services you use without inputting usernames and passwords repeatedly. It can sync up with the Windows or Mac desktop versions via Dropbox to give unhindered convenience across all devices. One of the best and most popular ways to stay safe online without being bogged down by login screens.
$10 iPhone only / $15 iPhone and iPad
Free for Android and Windows Phone 7 (Requires 1Password account for full effect)

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