Mars Curiosity: Out of This World
Design Inspiration

Mars Curiosity: Out of This World
Design Inspiration

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 10, 2012

We sat watching the NASA online live stream with glee, awe and anticipation last Sunday night, as Curiosity made its nail-biting landing on our celestial next door neighbor, Mars. It was an honor to experience such a beautiful moment in human history, but also refreshing to see the excitement over science and exploration that fellow humans shared throughout the world.

To say we've been inspired all week is an understatement. Going to another planet, even if only in robot form, is so fun to think about, and it's a blast to dream about humans actually setting foot on Mars one day. We've been enjoying seeing the photos that Curiosity sends back to Earth of that gorgeous red planet and its stunning rocky, red landscape, so much that we just don't want this inspired feeling to ever go away. In fact, it has us wanting to dot our own home's landscape with subtle Mars designs — a reminder to always reach for the stars in our own lives!

1) Niche Modern pendant light
2) Vintage Print Rocks and Minerals and Earth Geography Photo
3) Stars of Mars Space Cube
4) Patterned Panels Dishtowel and Mars Curiosity Scarf
5) Rivulets Bedding

6) Desolation Canyon Terrain Pillow Cover and Blurred Geology Pillow
7) Red Quartz
8) Sunset on Mars Throw Blanket
9) Recycled pouf
10) Dramatic 1970s Acrylic Coffee Table

Is there anything in your home — a piece of art, a print — Mars related or not, that keeps you inspired to reach for the stars? To better yourself? Could be a phrase or a photo or something else special to you. Let us know!

(Images: as linked above)

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