Flensted: Postcard Mobiles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What a clever idea! We have seen Flensted mobiles at AT:Nursery before, but this incarnation of them is clever enough to deserve its own post.

The Flensted Postcard Mobile is user-directed – you choose the postcards that it displays – and we can think of tons of clever things to do with it. For example…..

…..displaying baby cards, hanging post cards of exotic places to which we can no longer afford to travel, displaying postcards sent to us from exotic locales by our childless friends who can afford to travel, flash cards of numbers and letters so that Baby will get into a Good College someday, photos of family members, photos of the baby, Xmas cards, color blocks, kid-made art projects, Baby’s First Fingerprint card and Mug shots…. we could go on, and on.

At just $21.00, the Flensted postcard mobile is an affordable way to curate your own display. What would you hang from it?