These Flat-Pack Planters Guarantee You’ll Never Overwater Your Houseplants Again

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Credit: POTR Pots

Once upon a time, when you bought a piece of furniture, it arrived (mostly) already intact. But these days, designers are thinking outside the box—or, rather, they’re thinking about how much they can fit inside of a box and ship to you. Flat-pack design is changing the way tables, chairs, sofas, beds, and even houses are built, bought, sold, shipped, and assembled. Now, planters are the latest product to get the flat-pack design treatment.

POTR Pots are eco-friendly planters made from 100% recycled materials. They’re shipped to you flat, leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible, and are easy to assemble. Just unfold the planter, place your plant in the pot’s base, pull the cotton cord, and voilà: You’ve got an eco-friendly and design-friendly planter that your favorite cactus will love.

“POTR Pots combines a passion for simple, playful design with a desire to improve our environment through a thoughtful selection of materials and processes,” the POTR Pots website states.

Credit: POTR Pots

The true beauty of POTR Pots is that they’re self-watering. Once your plant is situated inside, add water to the pot. Then, when your plant is thirsty, it’ll start drinking through the cotton cord using wicking technology. The planters offer a consistent water source and ensure your plants won’t be underwatered or overwatered.

POTR Pots were invented by Andy and Martin, two product designers who love plants and the environment. The planters are currently available on Kickstarter. Andy and Martin set a humble goal of $729 but have raised over $28,000 from donors since launching.

The planters come in two sizes, small (10 cm) and large (14 cm), and have five cord colors to choose from. If you pledge £8 (about $10) you can bring home the small, and if you pledge £10 (about $13) you can bring home the large. If you want to buy in bulk, the Kickstarter page offers bundles, too.

Credit: POTR Pots

The Kickstarter ends Monday, September 2, and POTR Pots will ship in November. Invest in the flat-pack design trend now to give your plants a brighter, greener future.