Potted Table Lamp Becomes Ambient Floor Lamp

Potted Table Lamp Becomes Ambient Floor Lamp

Range Govindan
Apr 21, 2011

Sometimes that lamp you bought for the living room or bedroom just doesn't work out once you come home. Or perhaps you've tired of the design. But don't throw it out, because it might yet be reborn to be enjoyed yet again. Here's a simple way of reusing some of your lights, transforming a table lamp into an ambient floor lamp for the living room.

Venu Pillarisetty and Vivian van Gelder from Seattle, WA, decided to give new life to their tired IKEA Stranne table lamp. The Stranne is an LED light, that will save you quite a bit on power, but its distinctive looks make it hard to reuse. This inspirational hack allows you to use this table lamp as a floor lamp, which casts a nice ambient glow.

Venu and Vivian used a 23" Hudson plant pot, but any suitable receptacle will do with the Stranne table lamp, some IKEA Knaster decorative stones, a cardboard box, and some packing tape to get the above result. The Knaster stones are nice, but you could also try some salvaged stones, clear marbles, or any other kind of decorative items.

Venu and Vivian used cardboard to raise the height of the lamp, but a piece of wood would be more secure. Another piece of wood then could be used on top so that the lamp can rest on it. More wood needs to be cut and placed just below the rim of the pot, so that you don't have to fill it completely up with decorative stones or marbles. Holes need to be cut to allow the light stalks to emerge. The pieces of wood need to be shimmied into place so that they fit tightly. A hole could be drilled at the bottom of the pot large enough for the cord. However this entails partially disassembling the electrical cord. Another option would be to allow the cord to come up through the back of the lamp, through the decorative items.

This simple way of reusing older lamps by simply re-potting them is interesting, since when you re-pot plants, you usually give them new life. The same applies to this decorative technique. Many different looks can be achieved using different pots and decorative items.

(via Ikeahackers, photos by Venu Pillarisetty and Vivian van Gelder)

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