Pottery Barn’s Eco Chic Line: Eco-Friendly?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The spring palette that graced the cover of Pottery Barn’s most recent catalog got our minds a whirling. We loved the fresh look of their botanical pillows and the sweet as can be egg bud vases but were a little perplexed by the ‘Eco Chic’ title they’ve given the line.

We can’t help but feel that they’re jumping on the green bandwagon. On the website and in the catalog they describe their bedding as being made from 5% organic cotton, which is a great start, but hardly ‘Eco-Friendly’. Not many of the products in the line have any explanation for how they are eco anything other than colors than evoke the outdoors. We’re not sure why this is such a sticking point for us. Does it make a difference to you? Would you buy or not buy pieces from this line based on whether they were ‘sustainable’ or not? Is any attempt by one of the larger chains seen as a vast improvement? Or would you like to see them go a lot further?