Power and Light’s Letterpress Studio

Living a charmed life as a letterpress designer and operator, Kyle Durrie’s cheeky designs and lovely custom pieces offer a little something for everyone. Power and Light Press pieces are printed on a 1915 Letterpress on 100% recycled paper and packaged in biodegradable sleeves for packaging.

After studying art and printmaking in college and apprenticing at Blue Barnhouse in Asheville NC, Kyle moved to Oregon and set up Power and Light Press. With his new shop he was able to create his own designs adding humor and…swear words.

I think that the best design work comes from a love of the craft and enjoyment of the process, which might explain why Power and Light pieces are so coveted. Kyle says it best when describing his take on being a self-employed artist:

“Primarily, I just love to print. I get to do this every single day and sometimes this stroke of good fortune just BLOWS MY MIND. Even on the worst of days, when I’ve messed up a plate order and don’t have enough paper on hand and can’t get the roller height and packing adjusted properly, I can take a walk around the block and catch my breath and feel thankful for the fact that I love my job. I also love working for myself (best/worst boss ever!) and setting my own schedule. Sometimes that schedule is far from ideal, but it all works out in the end.

Another perk of the job is traveling for shows, which has now become my favorite way to travel. Want to get away to California for a few weeks? Do some shows and visit some friends on your days off! My car has become my second office, with cards and boxes of envelopes scattered throughout.”

Power and Light letterpress items are available through the Power and Light etsy shop, upcoming markets: : Crafty Bastards – Washington, DC – October 2nd; Urban Craft Uprising – Seattle, December 4-5; Crafty Wonderland – Portland, December 11-12; Renegade Craft Fair – San Francisco, December 18-19 and in the following shops: Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR; Spark, Portland, OR; Tender Loving Empire, Portland, OR; Spitfire Girl, Los Angeles, CA; Renegade Handmade, Chicago, IL; Ferdinand, Portland, ME; Blue Barnhouse, Asheville, NC; and Paper Source locations nationwide.

“I think most of us want too much in our lives. Too much stuff. I think the whole point of sustainability and a “green” lifestyle should really be about wanting less. It’s not that the handmade organic cotton tea towels are BAD, it’s just, do I really need tea towels at all? I try to be as mindful of this as possible, but I certainly fall victim to this at times, too. And I am fully aware that I myself am a maker of things – disposable, non-essential things. This is something I struggle with. That said, I also appreciate that we are humans and part of what’s so awesome about being a human is having hands with which we can make things, and also having these big brains and unique language so we can share ideas. I think living sustainably is really just about living more simply, while still celebrating what it means to be alive.”
Kyle Durrie, Power and Light Press