This Clever Outlet Shelf Will Free Up Tons of Counter Space

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It’s time to put your electrical outlets to work. Sure, they charge your phone, power your electric toothbrush, and make your hairdryer work. But if you really want your outlets to live up to their full potential, give them an upgrade with these clever outlet shelves.

One single outlet shelf, called a Power Perch, will give you some serious counter space back in any room of your house. You could put one in your bathroom to hold your toothbrush, electric razor, or contact lens case. You could put one next to your bed as a place to rest your phone while it charges. You could put one by the front door to hold your wallet and keys. It’s also the perfect perch for your Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Echo Dot.

The Power Perch is easy to install; all you need is a screwdriver. Once it’s up, it can hold up to 10 pounds. You can install it one of two ways: with the shelf on the bottom of the outlet, or with the shelf on top (pictured below). Personally, we’re fans of the latter option, because that keeps both outlets completely free at all times. But both offer that crucial extra storage space.

“I absolutely love this thing! I have much less clutter on my sink thanks to this,” one five-star review reads.

Some reviewers caution that it’s a good idea to measure the space around your outlet before buying the Power Perch. If your outlet is next to a wall or a heavy piece of furniture you can’t move, make sure there’s at least 1 ¼ inch of clearance. Otherwise, it might not fit. But overall, people are extremely pleased with it.

“I use this in the kitchen and have room for a baby monitor and a little Bluetooth speaker. I love that it’s 2 less things on my counter and now the cords are compact and look far more tidy,” another five-star review reads. “I had this ‘installed’ in a minute. Very simple and I’m not handy. Just need a screwdriver.”

There you have it: The Power Perch is the simple counter space solution that will give your outlets a much-needed upgrade.