5 Powerful New Range Cookers and Ovens

When you’re buying a new home or moving int a new place, it’s often overwhelming to choose new appliances, if you’ve got the budget to buy some. These powerful new range cookers and ovens are most certainly distinctive and will set you kitchen apart from all of the rest.

1 and 2. New Range Cookers From Belling
Belling has just released a few new cooking ranges. They are available in a variety of sizes, but all have a traditional appeal to them, eschewing modernism. They come in electric, gas, and dual fuel models.

3. KitchenAid Steam Oven KOSP 6610
This powerful oven uses steam in a few different ways to cook your food to perfection. This type of technology has been borrowed from the professional world and will provide you with great tasting foods, professionally steamed.

4. Falcon Union Jack Range Cooker
This enormous range cooker comes with a slide out grill, which is really neat when you don’t want to fire up the BBQ to grill some food. Obviously you could buy an electric griller, but it’s just way cooler have it all in a single package.

5. Falcon 900S Range Cooker
This range cooker has got a single cavity oven, making it perfect for families. It comes with special panels that allow you to halve the size of the oven to save energy.

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