This 106 Square Foot Prefab Cabin Is the Only Way We Want to Camp

published Jul 10, 2019
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Whether you’re a routine camper in search of a tent alternative or someone who prefers their outdoor experiences with the comforts of home, the Mono prefab cabin from Canada-based company DROP Structures is the ideal dwelling for your next nature escape.  The small structure offers 106 square feet of space and is equipped with solar panels and storage batteries for off-the-grid capabilities.

To create Mono, DROP Structures worked with client Stephen Elliott to achieve a home that easily blended in with the raw Pacific Northwest landscape with a design that prioritized privacy, security and minimal environmental impact.  

“We worked really hard to choose our materials, choose our ideas, and choose what’s happening in that structure,” Stephen said of the design process. “I wanted it so that if it burned down, it would just be a campfire, as opposed to becoming a toxic plume.” 

The building was transported by truck from Alberta, Canada to the assembly site – a third of an acre purchased by Elliott located about 90 minutes from Portland. Once on site, the cabin was placed on screw pilings to reduce the impact to the land. It only took four hours to complete the installation process and have the Mono completely move-in ready. 

The cabin is comprised of a pitched roof and floor-to-ceiling glazed walls made of Baltic Birch paneling. Its standing seam metal exterior requires minimal maintenance and can withstand various climates. Inside, the cabin is fitted with durable insulation that keeps the temperature comfortable during all seasons.

DROP Structures’ Ryan Abernathy counts the cabin’s barn doors among its standout design elements. “We absolutely love the doors on this Mono,” Abernathy tells Dwell. “It was a great design challenge to get them to not only work properly, but to match the style of the structure. We are definitely going to be installing more of these doors on Monos going forward.”

Prices for the Mono start at $24,500 but various add-ons like built-in shelving, loft storage space, skylights and a Murphy bed are also available at an additional cost.