These Prefab Treehouses Were Inspired By Cartoons

published Jun 28, 2019
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If we were to judge the competition for dreamiest treehouse on the planet, this Studio Precht-designed modular prefab treehouse named Bert would easily make the cut. Equal parts ultimate lookout and cozy hideaway, the Bert is comprised of a group of playfully arranged modular homes. The innovative dwelling was created by the Austria-based studio for start-up Baumbau, a tiny home company that specializes in buildings and treehouses for alternative tourism. 

Instead of pulling from more conventional forms of artistic inspiration, the designers decided to draw on cartoon characters. In a press release, studio owner Chris Precht explained the fun-loving approach to the project:

“We are fully aware that architecture is this serious and profound craft with a long culture and tradition. You see that when we architects find reference for our projects in art, philosophy, literature or nature. For this project, we also looked at art to find reference. But not at Michaelangelo or Dali. Rather we looked at cartoon characters of Sesame Street or Minions. We took a playful look at this project and wanted to create a rather unique character than a conventional building. A quirky looking character that becomes part of the wildlife of a forest. I think this quirkiness can create feelings and emotions. And maybe these are attributes in architecture that are missing these days.” 

The structure of Bert mimics the pattern of a tree trunk in that it makes minimal impact on the soil and has a roof made of camouflage, leaf-like shingles that allow it to mesh with its forest surroundings. Like a tree, the modules are made to stack on top of one another and expand outward in a manner that’s similar to tree branches.

Inside, dark fabric accentuates large windows and balcony space while providing the space with a warm, homey feel. Additionally, Bert comes with solar panels either on the roof or off-site, plus a grounded water treatment facility and a composting toilet. Add-ons and modules are also available as customized options.

The planned roll-out date for Bert structures is spring 2020.