Pre-Moving Tip: GPS & Map Out Your Address

Pre-Moving Tip: GPS & Map Out Your Address

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 13, 2010

Having moved a few short months ago, we've run into the usual home owner woes, but one thing we never saw coming was the inability to have a pizza delivered. Although that doesn't sound like a life shattering thing, at 11pm when you've been hanging drywall all day and can't possibly comprehend cooking — trust me it is. Little did we know that our new love nest wasn't able to be located by GPS devices and they were sending people 15 minutes away to a different neighborhood, ack!

Since most delivery services run off GPS devices (so did our moving company which got confused as well) and many of our friends and family members have been plugging in our address to come see the new place, we've had to kick it old school and send out mailers with directions to our new place.

For the most part we all own something that can give us directions to a specific address. You might have a Garmin or a Tom Tom, possibly a phone with a maps app or Google to help keep you on track, but when you key in your address and it takes you somewhere totally different, well there can be a problem for sure!

Once we identified the problem that everyone was having, we now know to give directions to delivery/repair/service men or women and have sent out mass emailings to everyone else. It's been a little tricky for the first few weeks, especially since you have so many people that come and go to check and set up services. Knowing that we were difficult to locate ahead of time would have saved us many hours worth of waiting and frustration.

It might not be a common problem, but it's one worth checking into before you find yourself with lost movers, nothing to eat and an overall sense of loss and frustration! This might fall into the deal breakers category for some, but for us, it just required a little extra effort.

Image: Flickr member Jimmy Joe licensed for use by Creative Commons

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