Prep Your New Home To Change With You

Prep Your New Home To Change With You

Beth Zeigler
Aug 2, 2010

When we have moved in the past, our goal is to get (almost) everything set up right away. The kitchen is usually in working order by the end of day one and the bathroom and bedroom are a close second on the to-do list. By the end of the first week, we try to have homes for just about everything (from crafts and sewing to cords and light bulbs). But what's most important to us is knowing that it can all change...

Under the sink items have a new home along with our bar and glassware

For our most recent move in February, we sorted, purged (and merged) two households into one organized space. Some items effortlessly found homes, yet other areas never felt quite right. For example, the large area underneath the kitchen sink (even with shelf risers and labeled baskets) didn't maximize the space as we would have liked. Not to mention the trash and recycling bin lived in limbo and took up much needed floor space in our small kitchen. So after we settled into our new home and got a feel for how things really ran, we decided our lives would be greatly improved if we had easy access to the waste bins. The cherry on top would be finding an out of the way place for our receptacles to live.

After taking some measurements, we made room in our kitchen cupboards for all the items that originally lived underneath the sink. We now had space for our new (and quite wonderful) IKEA RATIONELL pull out waste sorting trays. Prepping and cutting veggies over the sink is now done with ease as we simply pull out the trash can below and swipe items into the container. And even though we set out with the best intentions (items were organized and systems were set up) it's important to note that homes can change. In the past we've noticed that sometimes we're hesitant to reconfigure an area because it's organized (and we spent so much time setting it up to begin with). But it's essential to continually ask yourself, how is this space working? Is it efficient? Can you locate items with ease? Have you inherited a surplus of objects unexpectedly? Keeping your mind open to change will allow your home to grow with you--which will make for a happy and organized space.

(Images: Beth Zeigler)

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