Preparing For An Overseas Move

Preparing For An Overseas Move

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 18, 2010

Moving domestically is a huge task, but when you add a gigantic ocean, planes, trains and a different language into the mix &mdash we're talking craziness. But, like anything else, if you've prepared well enough &mdash things can run smoothly!

Coming from someone seriously looking into moving overseas, I've gathered quite a bit of information that has been extremely helpful thus far. Through google searches and trial and error, I discovered some helpful tips:

• Language: If it all possible &mdash learn it! We all know that when you submerse yourself in a culture it's easy to pick it up, but if you plan on living there, you'll want to at least learn the basics before hand.
• Location: Pinpoint a location you want to move to. If you have the opportunity to, visit the location before the move. I've blindly moved before, and I was lucky enough to have it work out, but it's best to scope it out first.
• Real Estate Agent: If you're not able to visit before the move, contact a local and well respected real estate agent. They can find the perfect home for you and share the experience via pictures and video.
• Jobs & Visas: Make sure you have a job lined up before you move. This also coincides with visas — some countries require visas to stay in their country for over a few weeks, so visit the closest embassy and ask questions!
• Pare Down: Make sure you've pared down as many of your belongings as possible. It's extremely expensive to ship internationally, so make sure you're not holding onto anything that doesn't mean the world to you. They have IKEA in Europe, so that $70 kitchen table doesn't need to be shipped.
• Yard Sale: Since you need to pare down as much as possible, have a yard sale. You'll want to get rid of the items and you'll certainly need the money!
• Storage: If you only plan on moving for less than a year, put your belongings in storage. Most units are fairly cheap and take online payments.
• Research: No brainer, right? Research everything from the currency and banking to the best neighborhoods in the city. Each bit of research you do will only help you later on.

What are your tips for moving overseas?

Image: Up in the Air/Movie Crematorium

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