5 Tips When Preparing to Leave for a Trip

5 Tips When Preparing to Leave for a Trip

Kim Lucian
Apr 15, 2011

My last few weeks have been a bit hectic. I'm taking my business in a new direction and it involves some travel. I'm sitting on an airplane as I write this and thinking about what makes coming home so special — no matter if it is at the end of a long day or at the end of a trip. There is just something about settling back into your own space and sleeping in your own bed that has a restorative effect.

While I feel that this is as much about the intangibles as it is about tucking into a well-made bed, there are things you can do to cultivate an environment that is a pleasure to come home to.

1. Clean before you leave. While it may be the last thing you want to do when preparing to leave for a trip, coming home to a clean, uncluttered environment is well worth the extra effort and will allow you to start unwinding as soon as you come back through the door.

2. Clean out the fridge, take out the trash and do all of the dishes. While it might sound obvious, this one is key. There is nothing worse than opening the door and being overwhelmed by the smell of rotting garbage. It's also a good idea to throw out any cut flowers if you will be gone for more than a week.

3. Stock up on a few non-perishables for when you get back. Frozen entrées, canned soups and coffee are nice to have on hand. It allows you to put off the grocery run until you've had a chance to sleep off a bit of the jet lag.

4. Make sure your plants are taken care of. Whether you have a self-watering system or ask a neighbor to drop by, make sure you have a system in place. This can be easy to forget and it doesn't take long for plants to dry out.

5. Make the bed up with clean linens. For me sleeping in my own bed is the thing I miss the most. It doesn't matter how nice the place I'm staying is, coming home and tucking into crisp, clean sheets can't be beat.

What do you do to prepare before leaving for a trip? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Image: Kyle Freeman from Dana & JB's Single Family Home + Studio Gem

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