Pressed Leaves: DIY Biodegradable Fall Decor

Pressed Leaves: DIY Biodegradable Fall Decor

Angie Cho
Sep 22, 2011

Aisles of endless over-the-top seasonal decorations in stores makes me cringe. I often think, where is all this stuff going to end up? The trash? Pressed leaves are a great way to decorate for fall. They are vibrant, nearly free, biodegradable, and are just about the perfect way to say fall. Read more for the how to...

DIY it!

For this project, gather fall leaves from your neighborhood. If you live in a concrete jungle, go to the nearest park!

  • Lay leaves flat in a large heavy book (e.g. dictionary, telephone book, etc.). Note: The
     leaves will stain the pages, so if this is a concern, sandwich the leaves in between a
     few sheets of scratch paper.
  • Wait a few days for leaves to become perfectly flat and bone dry. It's okay to open the
     book to check on them.
  • After leaves dry, decorate at will.

Decor Tips

  • Frame them in glass. (Photo 2)
  • Glue them on flat surfaces. (Photo 5)
  • String them to make a garland. (Photo 4)
  • And my favorite tip, pop them into simple bud vases or tealight holders. (Photo 3)

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(Images: Better Homes and Gardens)

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