Prettiest Vine Ever? Passion Fruit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Please challenge us on this if you know of a prettier or more eye catching flowering vine. We can’t think of one, though wisteria with its heavenly scent might be a close second.

The vine’s incredible flowers alone put it at the top of our list, but its sweet tendrils, yummy fruit and fast growth only help to boost it to the number one slot. In fact, this vine could replace creeping fig in our books for a great wall coverer, except that it has a short life span of 5-7 years. But reading this account in the LA Times might convince us otherwise.

The vine has its origins in South America and likes warm weather and well draining soil, though it does like a fair amount of water. In Southern California, it might be too sunny to plant it in full sun, so try planting it someplace that it will get at least some reprieve from the heat.

We were also surprised to read that the vine can do well indoors and in a container, as long as you maintain rich soil for it. We’d love to see this trailing vine with its curly-q tendrils growing up an indoor wall. Read more about its history and maintenance here.

[image from Herbal Extract Plus]