Perfect (& Foolproof!) Ways to Wrap a Gift for Your Design-Loving Valentine

published Feb 8, 2017
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Munich-based company Wrappu has launched a designy line of gift packaging. (Image credit: Sonia Mangiapane)

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. And while you’ve probably got the actual gift covered for your design-loving bae, what about the wrapping?

Wrappu, a Munich-based design company, is making it easy to forego the cheesy hearts and cartoon bears this year for wrapping that says, “I love you as evidenced by my knowledge of immaculate taste.” Wrappu has given gift boxes and wrapping paper the “Mast Brothers” treatment (you know, those artisanal chocolate bars in wallpaper-like wrapping), offering a packaging line in a series of strikingly modern colors and patterns.

These not only look great, but with Wrappu’s variety of easy-to-assemble sizes and shapes, they’re also foolproof. If you’re like me, and most of the presents you wrap look like they were actually assembled by a one-year-old child, this will take your gift-giving game to a whole new level.

Micha Kumpf and Ngaire Wex, the designers behind Wrappu, were inspired by the focus on design in packaging they had seen around Japan. That got me thinking, what other beautiful and easy gift wrapping and packaging options are out there?

Printable Lid Gift Box (Image credit: Creative Middle)

Put down the tape and scissors, no wrapping required here either – just top your box with a simple, printable-design lid and you’re done. Etsy seller, CreativeMiddle, offers gift boxes with modern designs in fun colors and geometric patterns.

These make for an easy DIY in any color or patterned paper you want. Just cutout your paper in Sassafras’ box template and in 5 simple steps you’ve got the perfect unique package for a small gift, like earrings or a ring.

Gift wrapping doesn’t really get much easier than folding down the edges of a pillow favor box. Add to that, the fact that these pillow favor boxes come in vintage prints and you’ve got a design-inspired Valentine’s Day wrapping option that’s hard to beat.