A Problem-Solver Bedroom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On first glance at this pretty bedroom, you wouldn’t think that it’s riddled with layout problems. But, on closer look, we can relate to a few of the challenges that are overcome in this small space. All of them are issues we’ve come across in small apartment bedrooms at some point or another:

  • A window at the head of the bed: Small spaces often don’t leave you with a whole slew of choices on furniture placement. Especially when it comes to large pieces like beds. This bed is placed smack under a window, but a properly-sized headboard allows a leaning surface without blocking too much of the window.
  • Security grating on the window: The accordian-style grating in this window isn’t even good-looking. But, treated matter-of-factly, it’s not really much of an eyesore. We think maybe the bamboo shade camouflages it a bit.
  • Radiator right by the bed: This isn’t the perfect location for a radiator. But the best is made of this one’s location with an enclosure that doubles as a night stand. Wall-mounted reading lamps help keep its surface clutter-free.

Do you have any of these problems in your bedroom? Does this photo help inspire solutions to any of them? Image: DecorPad