Pretty (Not Dirty) Vegetable Garden Projects

Pretty (Not Dirty) Vegetable Garden Projects

Tess Wilson
May 13, 2011

When you don't have a garden, it's tempting to imagine gardening as nothing but kneeling in warm soil daydreaming, sneaking bites of perfectly ripe tomatoes, as well as an excuse to wear adorable straw hats and rubber boots. Someday my fantasy-gardening bubble will be burst when I am faced with the enormous amount of (hot/itchy/dirty) work it takes to grow food, but until then I'll just dream about the prettier garden projects...

  • I have had Esther Coombs' upcycled ceramic vegetable seed markers in my Etsy favorite list for years. They are delightful. She saves beautiful pieces of broken vintage ceramics from a sad fate in the trash heap and customizes them with weatherproof ceramic markers. The juxtaposition of the pieces' original ornamentation and Esther's rad illustrations & handwriting is fantastic. I'd like to order them for my friend's vegetable garden- a pre-thank you for all the basil & kale I'm planning on acquiring this summer- but would need about 30 of them. That's....$240. Okay, maybe I'll try making them. One of the perks of being really good at dropping things is that I often break dishes, and this would be a perfect way to preserve their beauty and make me feel less guilty.
  • Dyes From Kitchen Produce is a new book that takes my 1st-grade science project to elegant new heights. Finally, a beet-hot-pink dress! I doubt you can get hot-bright colors from vegetable dyes, if I remember anything from 1st-grade, but oh, if you could..
  • I am determined to make my own versions of Land-Rich's enchanting ornaments this year (though of course I really just want to buy one). The one shown is a glass ball gracefully filled with salal, a hearty evergreen shrub, but I might use bay leaves or sprigs of rosemary.
  • When I think of growing chilies or garlic or bay, I don't think of all the digging and watering and weeding. I just picture myself in a calico dress, happily stringing the peppers or bulbs or leaves into swags & garlands. I'll festoon my kitchen with them, within easy reach of my stove. Dreamy.

Images: Seed Markers from Esther Coombs, Book from Worn Through, Ornament from Land-Rich, Garland from Daisyshop

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