Preview: The Hastens Excelsior II

Preview: The Hastens Excelsior II

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 7, 2010

Bed: Excelsior II with BJX Mattress Top
Manufacturer: Hastens
Retail Price: $13,350

So, our Year in Bed truly began last night when we both slept for the first time on September's guest bed, The Hastens. Over the next twelve months we'll be sleeping on a new bed every month and telling you what it's really like. I'll write two posts a month, a Preview and a Review, which will compare our experience as we get used to each bed. With the Hastens we're already experiencing a BIG difference.

The bed arrived just over two weeks ago, and I've been sleeping in it alone until last night. It's a huge change from our DWR Sonno memory foam mattress, which we've been sleeping in for nearly four years. This is a traditional Swedish approach to sleep technology.


First of all, Hastens beds are made the really old fashioned way, by HAND, out of cotton, wool, horsehair, springs and wood, so it's totally unlike a modern foam situation. This entire bed is biodegradable, except for the metal which would eventually rust away.

Second of all, it was recommended that we try a "soft" mattress, instead of "medium" or "firm", and we've always been a firm family. The reasoning here, and I get it, is that soft beds, when well constructed (soft on top, firm support underneath), really provide a better sleeping experience for people with light to medium body weight.

Third of all, the Excelsior is like a tall layer cake with three separate layers, which gives a really different, deep experience when laying on it.

What Do We Think So Far?

After only one night together, we're definitely having a He Said/She Said experience. To me the bed feels like laying on top of a big puffy cloud; I fall asleep and barely move. To Sara Kate, the bed feels way too soft; so soft in fact that she said she felt it was "like sleeping in mud," and that she had to "use her abs just to turn over." She already wants to remove the puffy mattress topper, which is like the icing on the cake with this bed.

I will agree with her that it's really, really different to sleep on such a soft bed, but I DO feel well supported and my back doesn't hurt in the morning, as it did with the Sonno. And you definitely sink down into this bed in a way that is unusual for any firm mattress sleeper. Since your upper body is heavier than your legs, we both feel that our feet are higher in the air (as if the bed is higher on one end) and that is disorienting at first.

The Prediction?

The bottom line is that for this bed to be a success (particularly at this price point), we're going to both have to sleep really, really well. So far, we're not on the same page, but we've got a whole month to go, and Sara Kate says she's willing to leave the topper on for at least a week before she asks for it off.


Bed Rankings to Date - 12.13.10

1. Hastens Excelsior II
2. Embody Memory Foam Stillness Plus Bed by Sealy
3. IKEA Erfjord


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