Princeton PSP-NXT USB Powered Paper Model Speakers

Princeton PSP-NXT USB Powered Paper Model Speakers

Gregory Han
Jul 1, 2009

We've always had a soft spot for paper models. There's always something pleasantly rewarding about carefully cutting something out, folding and slotting tab "A" into tab "B" and converting a 2 dimensional piece of paper into a 3 dimensional object. So for those of you looking for a bit of novelty without a real concern about sound quality, these Princeton PSP-NXT retro themed stereo system paper models are likely to be something right up your alley...

The 1 watt USB powered speakers hook up to your computer and three different designs (ghetto blaster, bookshelf system and retro midcentury hi-fi) are all free to download as paper models. What's missing of course is the actual speaker element you place inside, which is sold by Princeton to be used in these stereo shapes alongside sillier ones like cars and pastry paper models (they're Japanese, so it's all part of their charm).

[via Akihabara News]

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