Printer Paper Made of Wheat

Printer Paper Made of Wheat

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 29, 2010

While we know that printing is a no no, there are times when you just have to put something on to paper. We, for one, like to print recipes we find online and file them into sheet protectors within a binder. Sure, we feel guilty anytime we use a sheet of paper, but hope is around the corner.

Australia's Nature's Paper, sold in the U.S. under Enviro Green, uses leftover wheat straw to make a sheet that not only spares some trees, but is made in one of the most environmentally friendly manners we've seen in a while.

"When wheat is harvested, it's typically just the grain that gets used for products such as flour and cereal. Left behind, however, are waste hull and wheat straw," writes Springwise. Nature's Paper collects and converts the wheat straw into a paper pulp, and uses the leftover waste hull to produce an organic biofuel that helps power the paper plant and, "heats the self-collected and repeatedly recycled water that's used to clean the paper."

The paper is whitened using sodium salt and oxygenization -- both sustainable and chlorine-free. Any waste in the paper making process is used to make carboard boxes that lug the reams of paper. The company says the paper performs just like standard copy paper and is price comparably. The one thing we don't know is where to get it. Looks like it may only be purchased in bulk.

via Springwise

(Image: TheMarkPike via Creative Commons License)

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