Instagram Stars: Curated, Printed, Framed and in Your Home

published Apr 1, 2017
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Stunning photographs like this beauty by Claire Droppert (photographed by collector Alexa Johnson of Manderley Design) only add to this already gorgeous bathroom. (Image credit: Alexa Johnson)

You all know I’ve been asking you for weeks to send me recommendations. Well, today’s find comes from a reader who, after our Valentine’s Day Round-up back in February, sent us an email about, telling us all about this brand new art source. There are a lot of online art shops trying to figure out how to become the “galleries” of the future, but this is different. Check it out.

We got to make our own selection for this week’s Daily Find, and while the sheer number of possibilities was certainly overwhelming, this dramatic black and white print was DEFINITELY one of my favorites. (Image credit: Benn Tudor)

The Backstory is a collaborative effort of two tech developers and many artists that came together to create an online platform designed to bridge the inevitable gap between artists and communities of their fans. After speaking to hundreds of photographers who struggled to find the time to print and sell their work, founders Kevin Jaspal and Blair deLaubenfels knew there needed to be a middleman to handle all that in-between stuff. In the process, they figured out a unique way to cut through all the Instagram white noise and feature only the best of the best: artists with beautiful photography and meaningful stories. The site officially launched at the end of 2016 and its varied catalog of shoppable prints continues to grow.

BTW, their curation is very good.

One of the best parts about the site is deciding which frame you want for the print you’ve selected — this one really stood out in the white wood we chose (Image credit: Paul Edmonson)

How It Works

These days, there are so many great online framing options out there that make it easy to get your favorite art behind glass — is uniquely positioned to provide you with both the art and the frame. All you have to do is make the selection (which is certainly easier said than done)! Browse by the editors’ picks, artist name, subject, or even by‘s curated themes. The print is sure to be high quality; they use only Fuji archival papers, gallery quality frames in solid wood (with 90% UV shielding plexiglass), and museum-grade 8mm mats. The costs vary based on sizing and framing options, but with free shipping, free returns, great quality framing, and pretty outstanding customer service, I have to say that the price is right.

Mix and match the prints with different framing styles, like Rafael Soldi’s curated selection of photos by Alex Wroblewski. (Image credit: Rafael Soldi)

Perfect For

Not only those who love to decorate their homes with framed photography, but also the photographers themselves! The nature of this service is that the folks at handle the customer service in BOTH directions, which makes the process truly seamless. As the consumer, it means you get a platform that’s easy to use and a friendly team that’s prepared to answer all of your questions. As the photographer, it means sharing your art with the world while you get to spend your time doing what you do best — shooting the photos. Best of all, the team loves art just as much as you do. They offer free consultations on their prints and can even help you curate and hang a stunning gallery wall in your home.

View all the possibilities @

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