Prints of Some of Our Favorite First Computers, Consoles, and Video Games

Prints of Some of Our Favorite First Computers, Consoles, and Video Games

Gregory Han
Apr 5, 2013

They say you never forget your first true love. Gamers of a certain age would particularly agree when asked to remember their first gaming console or computer. Whether the Atari 2600, NES (remember R.O.B.?), Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, or Apple IIe, those pre-3D graphics machines can bring back a flood of Capri Sun and cheese 'n cracker fueled summer vacation memories...

Upper right to left: Gears of War's Mercy map, Grand Theft Auto's Vice City, Saints Row: The Third, The Legend of Zelda: Light World

Search our archives and you'll find plenty of wall art based upon the outlines of city maps. But online dealer City Prints expands well beyond the line art limits of cities, and traces the outlines of college campuses, stadiums, and even the imaginary boundaries of worlds from video games and computer schematics, all available on heavy stock with the option for a matching frame.

It's funny, even years (okay, decades) later, the sight of the map in the lower right from The Legend of Zelda still floods my 8-bit memories with countless hours spent pushing rocks, burning bushes, and smiting overworld and dungeon denizens all to this tune.

And then there's this map of the world, comprised of an array of gaming console controllers. Take a closer look here and see if you can recognize them all (how I loved the chunky Sega Dreamcast controller). Who knows, all this nostalgia may compel you to venture up to the attic, into the garage, or into the basement to dust off that last generation machine and return to those old worlds you adventured in your youth.

(Images: City Prints; thepixelprince)

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