Privacy Solutions in the Home Office

Privacy Solutions in the Home Office

Gregory Han
Jun 23, 2010

It's all good in the hood…inside the hood of Sophie Kirkpatrick's Duplex Workspace, that is. As someone who prefers to work in the privacy of an enclosed space, away from prying eyes and distractions (I used to create small partitions with books and plants at previous jobs when forced to work in open offices), the design appeals to our sense of "stop looking over our shoulders…it's not done yet!" That got us thinking about other privacy based designs for the home office, some silly, others actual solutions that can kill the prying eyes and eavesdropping.

The Duplex Workspace: An adjustable hood provides both privacy and probably some interesting acoustics once opened up.
Fort Focus: a combination of cubicle, tool shed and home office, Soojin Hyun's design would be welcome even inside a house. All you'd see were our pajama-clad legs.
Body-Technology Interfaces: are you prone to being both very private and easily cold? Becky Stern, Associate Editor for CRAFT and Make: Online, devised this knitter-iffic solution.
The Lapstix: takes the concept of the common paper fan to create an easy to carry and open privacy screen. This seems ripe for a cheap DIY version.
Comp Shade: this was designed primarily to shield your laptop screen from the sun, but could easily hide your Facebook addiction from curious eyes also.
Herman Miller Babble Voice Privacy System: it's not just eyes we sometimes have to worry about. The Babble system jumbles the sound of your voice so your better half doesn't know you're placing that order for the new iPhone 4G…or ordering another pizza for dinner.
RUCKSTUHL's Acoustic Panels: got a tandem, face-to-face desk you share with your significant other? While most of the time we do enjoy making lovestruck eyes toward the love of our life, there may be times when you want more privacy (and also so your nervous ticks will stop bothering her). If anything, it makes "looking over the fence" a fun pastime and gives you additional Post-it surface.

Got any other ways you keep your privacy intact while working? Share below!

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