Probably a First: A Lamp for Fans of ABC's Lost

Probably a First: A Lamp for Fans of ABC's Lost

Taryn Williford
Jan 7, 2009

Any Lost fans out there? Is there anybody counting down to January 21st with me? I just bought season four on DVD and I intend to have a little marathon this weekend. But I have to say, the only "decor" in my place dedicated to Lost are those four small boxes nestled between BioDome and Poseidon (Yes, I have horrible taste in movies, I know). But I might make an exception for this lamp inspired by the fateful Flight 815 because rather than looking like it was bought in a comic shop, this lamp is actually pretty damn cool pendant lamp...

For those not in the know, Oceanic Air Flight 815 was a really friggin' weird trip. The plane split in two over the Pacific (so we assume), with one half falling in the ocean and the other on a friggin' weird island. A bunch of people survived the open-cabin freefall onto both surfaces. Friggin' weird. Then they found the plane in one piece at the bottom of the ocean (fake! ...maybe?).

Anyway, in case you didn't get it, this was a more uncomfortable flight to be on then that time you sat in the middle seat between the smelly old lady with the yappy dog dressed in a polo shirt and the emo teenager blasting Miley Cyrus in his headphones. So we can see how the whole thing might inspire somebody to create artwork like this pendant lamp from Cedric Ragot called, unoriginally, Flight 815.

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