Problem Solver: Poster Hanger

(We got an email from a reader this weekend asking about this post. She knew she had seen it somewhere on AT, but was having trouble tracking it down. We were about to send an email and then realized it is a good product to look at for art month, so we are reposting it here.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is a real renaissance in printmaking happening – small runs of cool prints and posters from artist run presses are available all over (craft fairs/online/galleries). Designers are producing more and more amazing wallpaper daily, too.

If you are decorating with this type of affordable art on paper, then you know – framing gets expensive and push pins are unthinkable. This poster hanger might solve the installation issue.

Designed by Jorgen Moller of Denmark, the poster hanger consists of two aluminum bars with black end caps that clip onto the poster. Hang it up with a single nail and it self-centers. The weight of the bottom bar prevents curling.

20″ size is available at Rare Device for $20.

24, 28, and 32″ sizes are available at the MoMA store for $22-26.