News and Nothing Else: Pulp News Reader for iPad

News and Nothing Else: Pulp News Reader for iPad

Product: Pulp
Price: $4.99
Rating: Strong Recommend

Aggregating news feed is old business on the iPad. Previously, we reviewed an excellent RSS reader for OS X called Times. As we mentioned, Times (Now renamed Pulp) exists on the iPad and is meant as a companion for the desktop version. In reality, we found it to be vastly superior and a great buy for the news junkie. Check the review below for the full details.

The myriad of different readers can leave the average consumer overwhelmed. This is due to both the complexity and inability for most RSS readers to parse full feeds. For many RSS sources, the full article is able to be read through the reader. Certain feeds only show up in RSS readers with the headline and a short blerb. To read the article itself, one had to either pop into a browser or try to work around the restrictions. Acrylic Apps was able to write a clever bit of code that is able to pull articles even when the original feeds do not contain the full text.

We found that in usage being able to quickly and seamlessly pull up the articles makes the software intuitive and very fast. Speed might not seem important, but reading the news should not take more time than necessary and certainly should not require multiple touches or fiddling on the iPad. In true Apple fashion, the app works with the varied group of news sources that we read everyday. We just type in our favorite websites and Pulp find the RSS feeds and pulls in the latest articles.

Pulp does not always work with certain sites but a fast load through the Safari web engine brings up the full article.

One of the best features of the Pulp App is the ease of customization of your feeds. You can choose the layout and number of articles downloaded. In addition, the style and way that Pulp imports the article can be changed to ensure that the full text is downloaded instead of just the header. Thankfully if you do find a website that cannot be imported, Pulp has a Safari button which renders the article you want to read in the web engine making it easy to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Pulp customizes to any reader

Like the original app for the desktop, the point of Pulp is to cull news articles (or whatever you want to subscribe to) into a clean, ad free, and easy to read application. Pulp streamlines online news sources instead of needing to go to 15 different websites. Especially great on the iPad since certain sites do not seem to load well due to poor back end coding. This translated into Pulp on the iPad being my absolute favorite way to consume news in a quick, concise fashion.

**Note: The Times app for OS X has not kept pace with the iPad app and does not work as seamlessly. Pulp and Times developer says that syncing and improvements to both apps are forth coming. This leads the author to presume that a new version of Times for OS X is likely to be renamed Pulp and will be available in the new Mac App store on the 6th of January. Keep your eyes peeled: we will be awaiting its arrival in just a few days.**

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